created April 15, 2010
modified October 19, 2012


AF1HS displays information on this site collected from many online sources that are all within the public domain and available to anyone.


All information gathered on the AF1HS site is stored and maintained in a secure facility that limits access to authorized personnel only.


The AF1HS website contains links to other external websites.  If you decide to utilize any of the external links, you will be directed to a site which is not covered by this privacy policy.  It is recommended that you read the privacy statements of these sites, since their policies may differ from this one.  This privacy statement applies solely to information collected on this website.


AF1HS maintains log files of the traffic that visits this site.  Log files are used to record data transmission loads and determine site utilization.   Information collected on web site viewers are limited to the URL of the visited sites, and the number of bytes transferred.   This information is maintained in a secure location, and access is limited to authorized personnel.


If the privacy policies of this site are changed, a notification will be immediately posted on our homepage.  Information collected prior to the announcement of any policy change, shall continue to be used in accordance with the applicable policies in effect, when the information was collected.