created April 2, 2015
modified April 10, 2016
verified October 29, 2017

West Haven Dams
Lake Phipps Dam #1 Lake Phipps C
Lake Phipps Dam #2 Lake Phipps C
Lake Phipps Dam #3 Lake Phipps Cove Area C
Lower Lake Phipps Dam Lake Phipps BB
Maltby Dam #1 Maltby Lakes Lower C
Maltby Lake North #2 Maltby Lakes North B
Maltby Lake West #3 Maltby Lakes West B

Dam Safety Status as issued by DEEP as of January 22, 2016.

Hazard Classes
Class Damage Level Type of Damage Economic Loss
AA: Negligible Minor damage to roads, land or structures Negligible
A: Low Damage to agricultural lands, unimproved roadways Minimal
BB: Moderate Damage to normally unoccupied storage structures, low volume roadways Moderate
B: Significant Possible loss of life, minor damage to habitatible structures and residences, convalescent homes. Damage to primary roadways and rail lines Significant
C: High Probable loss of life, major damage to habitable structures, residences, convalescent homes, schools, etc. Damage to major highways High
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