created March 31, 2015
modified April 9, 2016
verified October 29, 2017

Bethany Dams
Bethany Lake Dam Bethany Lake C
Lake Chamberlain Dam Lake Chamberlain C
Long Hill Reservoir Dam New Naugatuck Reservoir C
Northrop Pond Dam Northrop Road Pond BB
Norvein Hein Dam Norvein Hein Dam BB
Round Hill Pond Dam Stahl Pond BB
Twitchell Reservoir Dam Shadow Pond BB
West River Pond Dam West River Pond BB

Dam Safety Status as issued by DEEP as of January 22, 2016.

Hazard Classes
Class Damage Level Type of Damage Economic Loss
AA: Negligible Minor damage to roads, land or structures Negligible
A: Low Damage to agricultural lands, unimproved roadways Minimal
BB: Moderate Damage to normally unoccupied storage structures, low volume roadways Moderate
B: Significant Possible loss of life, minor damage to habitatible structures and residences, convalescent homes. Damage to primary roadways and rail lines Significant
C: High Probable loss of life, major damage to habitable structures, residences, convalescent homes, schools, etc. Damage to major highways High
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