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Shelton Cemeteries **
Beth Israel Cemetery of Congregation Of Shalom
(Congregation Of Shalom Beth Israel Cemetery)
140 Ladas Place
41.29892° N, 73.07116° W
Coram Cemetery River Road opposite Coram Road
41.28640° N, 73.08170° W
Indian Burial Grounds
(Old Indian Burial Grounds)
Lawn Cemetery Lane Street, Huntington
41.29420° N, 73.14360° W
Lawn East Cemetery
(Lawn Cemetery East)
Lane Street, Huntington
41.29330° N, 73.14092° W
Long Hill Burial Ground 277 Long Hill Avenue
41.30545° N, 73.09766° W
Lower White Hills Cemetery
(Patterson Burying Place)
102 Maple Ave, Huntington
41.32694° N, 73.13818° W
(203) 929-1075
Old Cemetery of Huntington
(Huntington Village Burying Place)
(St. Paul's Cemetery)
54 Church Street, Huntington
41.29410° N, 73.14585° W
Old Coram Cemetery NO DATA
Old Jewish Cemetery NO DATA
Old Main Street Cemetery NO DATA
Riverside Cemetery 334 River Road
41.29560° N, 73.07250° W
(203) 924-1790
Riverview Cemetery NO DATA
Temple Emanuel Cemetery Ladas Place
41.29881° N, 73.07118° W

** The above list may include cemeteries which no longer exist.

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