created November 12, 2013
modified April 6, 2015
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RMS Packet Gateways

The following RMS Packet Gateways are now available for use.   It is suggested that if you are not already a user of RMS Packet that you check out to learn how to activate your own email address.  The site has valuable information as well.

RMS Express software is recommended to use on the system.  Be advised that Airmail is no longer supported by Winlink2000.

The project is a joint venture between CT DEMHS, the CT State Police Radio Club (W1SP) and CT ARES.

W1GTT has been working almost three (3) years to get the project completed.

Please use it and report any problems you encounter.

Connecticut RMS Packet Gateways
Callsign Node Location Frequency Grid Square Region Emerg. Power
W1SP-1 TOLLCT Tolland 145.65 FN31uv 3 Y
W1SP-2 WINDCT Brooklyn 145.61 FN41at 4 Y
W1SP-3 NLONCT Ledyard 145.63 FN31xk 4 Y
W1SP-4 HARTCT Avon 145.69 FN31ot 3 Y
W1SP-5 MIDDCT Haddam 145.69 FN31rk 2 Y
W1SP-6 LITCCT Litchfield 145.65 FN31jr 5 Y
W1SP-7 NHAVCT Oxford 145.63 FN31jk 3 Y
W1SP-8 ** FAIRCT Bridgeport 145.69 FN31je 1 Y
W1SP-9 LITCCT#2 Canaan 145.63 FN32ia 5 Y
W1SP-10 FAIRCT#2 Redding 145.65 FN31gg 5 Y

**  WISP-8 is temporarily off the air.

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